Voice Actor Amy Ulrich in the studio

Voice Over Recording Session | Salami Studios, North Hollywood, CA

This voiceover nerd was beyond excited to be back in-person at a recording studio this month. Will June 2021 become the month our world (kinda, sorta, but not really) goes back to ‘normal’?

Who really knows what ‘normal’ is anymore anyway?

What I do know is that recording solely out of my home studio over the past year has made me appreciate the in-person experience exponentially more. I can’t wait to be in the studio amidst other talent, a director, an audio engineer, and the client more often. The feeling of camaraderie in the studio setting is priceless.

Word has it, the animated film that I got the chance to act in here (coming to you in 2022) was the first project that has been recorded in this studio since the world came to a quarantined-stop.

But alas, we will persevere. We will endure. And as I stood there, the studio walls standing around me in solidarity, that feeling was tangible.

Note that elated look on my face. It was like I was eating a giant piece of vanilla and chocolate layered cake with sprinkles and sweet, delicate buttercream frosting. Pure sugar. Pure joy just from being there in that space.

While I can’t share details about the project yet, it was an absolute honor to be back in a recording studio. And I had way  too much fun rockin’ the character I brought to life, too! I can’t wait for you all to meet her!

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