Butler University in the Fall

Returning to Butler University this past Fall for Homecoming was like stepping into a beautiful time machine, bringing back priceless memories of where my journey in media, broadcasting and voiceover began.

Visiting from LA, this trip to Indianapolis held a special place in my heart as I was invited to be interviewed on the CCOM Pawcast by fellow alumni Corey McPherrin, class of ’77, while visiting.

Amidst all the Homecoming buzz, Corey and the Pawcast reminded me that Butler kick-started my passion for broadcasting, one that’s kept me creatively charged to this day. And being interviewed by such a broadcasting legend was a real honor, as Corey had retired from Fox 32 Chicago a short time prior. His experience and genuine interest made our chat super engaging. We had a blast! And his warmth throughout the interview made it incredibly memorable.

Thinking back on our chat, I can’t help but look forward to swapping roles next time. Interviewing Corey to uncover his amazing career journey sounds super interesting – a chance to shine a light on another Butler Bulldog making waves.

Ross Hollebon, Me, Mark Harris and Corey McPherrin

A huge shoutout to the Butler University College of Communication for giving me this awesome chance to reconnect with my old stomping grounds. The support and camaraderie among the faculty, staff, and students highlight the tight-knit spirit that permeates Butler. Special thanks to Mark Harris, Cutler Armstrong, and Scott Bridge for being such kindred spirits and staying in touch with me over the years, and to Provost Brooke Barnett, Dean Joe Valenzano, Chelsea Hennessy and Ross Hollebon for their inspiration and giving me the opportunity to help as much as I can…The Bulldog Way!

To sum it up, being on the Pawcast was a nostalgic reminder of the solid foundation Butler University laid for my voice-over career. Huge thanks to Butler University, the College of Communication, and the engaging and genuine Corey McPherrin. Can’t wait to put Corey in the interviewee’s seat to uncover his post-Butler journey!

Butler, thanks for being the launchpad for my broadcasting journey and making this Homecoming one for the books!

Warmest, coziest wishes!

-Aims (One Super Proud Alumna)

Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana –  October, 2023



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